Community Features

Community is at the heart of BOREAL BODY. As we wander in the boreal forest and learn from the plant teachers, we feel at ease and full of wonder and delight for this magical place. We cherish this beautiful place that we call home and consciously seek to understand how we can protect this land and her creatures for future generations.

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Every year as the leaves begin to prepare for autumn and set the forest ablaze with colour, we begin our preparations for our winter craft shows. Its a comforting feeling opening jars of herbal infusions that we made earlier in the spring and summer and taking in their scent for the first time since we harvested them. Soon after the snow arrives in November, you can find us at a variety of seasonal shows in Thunder Bay, like Craft Revival events and Artisans Northwest Fine Art and Craft Show. We love connecting with community members at these local events, relishing in the opportunity to be with friends old and new. For the last few years (prior to the world of Covid19 and finally now again), we've been piloting seasonal workshops for private groups and community organizations in the Northwestern Ontario region. We love walking with people in the forest, teaching folks how to identify and ethically harvest boreal forest plants and make herbal preparations with what we've gathered together. The plants have so much to teach us and we've learned what we know today from them and from other herbalists and knowledge keepers who have generously shared their teachings. Everyone who gathers in this way learns from each other; together we build stronger community relations, deepening our understanding of traditional boreal ecological and cultural knowledge as we sow seeds of plant wisdom to carry onwards for future generations.

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