Our Story

Our gift to you: Wildcrafted skincare that will revitalize and nourish your body and mind.


B O R E A L   B O D Y  was founded with a simple purpose: to inspire people to feel connected with the wildness of the boreal forest & recognize your wildness within. When you smell the blissfully fragrant aroma of balsam fir or the invigorating essence of black spruce, we hope that the plant medicines bring you healing. May these herbal medicines foster within you a deep sense of respect, gratitude & care for this beautiful northern landscape that we call home.
 Hazelwood Lake. Lappe, Ontario

B O R E A L   B O D Y offers plant based skin care that helps you to connect with the wildness of the boreal forest. We ethically harvest medicinal boreal forest plants from Northwestern Ontario. We walk through the forest by foot or snowshoe - depending on the time of year - looking for healthy plants to make into herbal preparations. Each plant is harvested respectfully and at the ideal time of day and season. We also glean plants affected by the forestry industry or make use of plants that would otherwise be cut for firewood or to maintain forest trails.

 We carry our harvest home - on our backs, in a basket or by sled. Following traditional methods, we carefully preserve boreal botanicals by drying and dehydrating plants and through the slow process of oil infusion, harnessing the plants unique medicinal properties. Boreal botanicals are blended with the highest quality all natural and food safe ingredients, like organic cold-pressed oils and salt - simple ingredients that are food for healthy skin. We also use locally sourced ingredients, supporting local food producers - like delicious honey and beeswax from Thunder Bay Beekeepers’ Association and hardworking Honey bees.

There are no added perfumes or essential oils in our products. Our products are unique because they are naturally scented from the wild plants we gather. Our plant based products are safe to eat and although eating is not recommended, we realize when applying lip balm or salve to your body, some of the ingredients end up in your mouth or absorbed by your skin.  

We hand pour our salves and balms into reusable tin-plated steel containers and bath salts are packaged in recyclable glass jars. Even our labels are natural: made from birch bark ethically harvested from cut firewood and then stripped into beautifully coloured layers, cleaned, cut and meticulously hand stamped. We use brown paper bags to hand our gifts to you - lovingly handstamped by yours truly.

We've taken great consideration in consciously making natural skincare products that are good for your body and respectful of our earth. 

We live on Turtle Island, on the traditional Anishinaabe territory of Fort William First Nation, signatory to the Robinson-Superior Treaty of 1850. We also recognize the contributions made to our community by the Métis people. We deeply respect the keepers and protectors of the land, water and ancient tradition. An Anishinaabe Elder and friend shared with us the teaching of offering tobacco prior to harvesting plant medicines and we follow that teaching when we gather plants from the land. We seek to live in harmony with All Our Relations.